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Monika Wiggins, is an awesome author , teacher, minister, life coach , entrepreneur, wife and mother .



Monika Wiggins, is a woman who wears many hats. Monika is an awesome author, speaker , teacher, minister, life coach , entrepreneur, wife and mother . Monika attended Southern University and Stephen F. Austin University. Monika hold degrees in Art and Human Science along with a host of certifications and credentials. Monika has a passion for women and young entrepreneurs. Monika desires to motivate develop and empower others to live in purpose on purpose.. As a powerful speaker, she draws heavily from her past experiences of trial in which she faced and overcame to minister and impact generations worldwide. Monika has a very strait forward personality on and off stage, Lady Wiggins, as she is affectionately referred to by The Word and Power congregation, possesses the rare ability to reach, empower, and stir her audience as pushes them to be all that God created them to be .

In addition to raising two sons and two daughters, she has assumed an active role at Word and Power at both locations where husbands serves as senior pastor. With her exciting, but insightful preaching style, Lady Wiggins boldly challenges women and men to serve as blessings to there families and empowers them with the tools to live in victory everyday.



Guide and teach individuals how to move form Bondage to Freedom

Coach Mo, is the Jr. Entrepreneur Coach .



To motivate and encourage every dreamer to Step out of the box and Pursue their God given Potential.

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